Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orange you glad.....

There are 16, 14.5" blocks in this group.  I pieced the petals and then appliqued them to a solid background.  The centers were then appliqued on top of that.  (I will rearrange them a bit to even out the distribution of red and white.) 

I plan to sash them with white with orange setting squares and add one border of grey.  Possibley this floral from Flea Market Fancy.   I bought a bunch of it to put on the back...but think I have enough for a border as well.

And bind it all in orange.

All of that orange is a tad overwhelming....but maybe at their actual size it isn't that bad.

I'm not sure how it want's to be quilted.  Any ideas?

I hope to have this finished by May 10 so I can give it to my oldest neice for a graduation/happy house warming gift. 


Annie said...

All your dresdens look beautiful and it sounds like you've got a pretty good plan in place to complete the quilt. Well done (I actually say that quite often).

Lynne said...

Oh wow! How bright and warming as I sit here with my fleece jacket zipped up to my neck on this cool autumn morning.

Sandra Kaye said...

I love orange!! These blocks are just great!! Hugs

Mina said...

Wow, I love all that orange! And I like the selection of FMF for the backing.