Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kill it quick!

Ha!  Made you jump.

All kidding aside, some of us have a serious problem. 

I didn't take my Mom seriously when she told me about hers. 

This is her.  Isn't she cute?  I love my mama.

So, I spent the day with her on Tuesday last. (Would you believe she took me seriously when I said I would help her out?!)  I headed over early (It is a good 40 minute drive) and got there in plenty of time to hang out for a while before we headed to lunch.  We chit chatted a bit...and then she showed it to me.

Ya, ya.  I'd seen it before.  Really.  I didn't get it.  I dug right in to work on it.  After about two hours, I stood up, stretched my back, and said, "Oh, this is a bit overwhelming isn't it."  Sorry Mom.  I should have believed you.

Are the rest of you dying yet? 

Mom and I have been quilting together for over 20 years.  She crafted before that.  That woman has had a threaded needle in her hands as long as I can remember.

When Dad was alive the two of them would go on extended vacations in their gigantic RV.  It was his goal to hunt down every brick and mortar quilt shop on the continent and take her to it.  Oh yeah...he let her shop too.  (Can you see where this is going?)  They had one of those books with a listing and he would mark them off with a yellow highlighter when he found them.

When I say, "Oh Mom, guess what?!  There is a new quilt shop in......"  She says, "Been there.  Bought this." 

Mom is a very prolific quilter.  I've been quilting for her for almost 6 years now...hers are the quilts that I put off when someone has an emergency and/or that I experiment on.  (My momma will still love me even if she doesn't like my quilting.)  In that time I have done at least 95 different quilts for her.  (That doesn't include the ones I just do and never document's Mom.)

Even with all of the quilts she has finished there is still one incredible, bottomless, pile of fabric at her house.  Stash is the wrong word for it.  I spent two hours and pulled fabrics for 6 quilts and it didn't make even a little dent.

The pile that I brought home...

While I was under the mammoth pile I teased her that we should start a "Kill Mom's Overwhelming Stash" challenge.  Once a month we have to make something from this Goliath.

I thought it might be fun to invite my friends to play along. 

The lighthouse collection
I'm not doing a give away...are you probably have enough fabric...the idea is to kill the stash not feed it.

The winter woods collection

I am inviting you to play along with us.  Share your ideas, trials, and tips for stash killing (an activity normally referred to as "busting"  a stash - This stash is way to big to be busted.  It needs slaying!)

Link in today to let me know if you want to play along....or don't....but it would be fun to know who is playing along.

The garden collection

Then, a month from now we will link up again to see what everyone has done.

I'll see if I can't create a cool "KiMOS" Challenge button.  (Kill Momma's Overwhelming Stash" is too long to fit on a button.) Please feel free to take this image and wear it proudly on your blog.

To join the ranks of Stash Warriors link up here... I hope I see you in the trenches.


Carla said...

Hi Cindy. I hope I have done it right. I am happy to play along with a no pressure event. Let me know if I need to change anything. I used the same title as you so I hope that works. Cheers!

GIO said...

In another moment, I'd happily play along with you, but my stash and sewing machine will be moved soon... I can't guarantee I'd be able to produce something... maybe next time? looks like you'll have to play multiple times to tackle the huge stash... :)

Cindy said...

The link takes me to your ya, I think it is working.

Cindy said...

Oh....this is going to have to last for quite a while...join us when you can sweet lady.

Rachel said...

B-b-b-b-but it is GOOD has workable parts, not just a random piece that you are really not sure when/where you acquired it...LOL. In all seriousness I wanted to state a huge interest in this and I hope you keep doing it! May/June/July just don't work right now for any kind of new efforts :-)

Cindy said...

I hope so too....else I may inheret a monster one day.

Lynne said...

I have been quilting for just on two years. Even 550km (350 miles) from home I can tell you my stash consists of 80 x half metre pieces, 10 fat quarters, and 2x 2 metres and 3 x 3 metres of fabric. So I probably don't need to "bust my stash". However, I would like to play along if you would allow my to slay my yarn stash accumulated over many years!

Cindy said...

Off course...any kind of out of controll stash will do.

Mina said...

Hello, Just saw the cute button you created for this challenge.

I am totaly trying to bust some of my stash. I did cheat a bit and donated a bunch of stuff. But I can always use a challenge to help me control my stash.