Monday, March 21, 2011

This and that....

Spring break is over and my boys are back in school.  They weren't particularly thrilled about getting up at 6:30.  Neither was I.  We managed, with bleary eyes, to get them all out the door on time.

Noah is driving again.  He stopped driving because he broke his left clavicle.  At first it was the pain meds - he couldn't walk straight, let alone drive a car.  Then it was a mobility issue (ha!  not that kind of mobility)  He was wearing a sling and still taking things slowly.  Now it's an "I can't stand being stuck at home all of the time and wearing this stupid sling!" thing.   He isn't traveling very far, and I think he may be wearing his seat belt funny (else it would snap across the offended bone), but he is doing fine.  Thanks for all of your prayers as we traveled through this adventure.

Quilting for others is back in swing are a few quilts that I have done in the past couple of days.
Purple & Turquoise "Gumball" quilt by Kay Moulder

"Kay's Flowers" by Kay Moulder

"Deborah's Quilt" by Janell Hobbs
"Solar System" by Paula Keiser

I've also gotten to quilt one for myself.  That is a treat!  My box of tops to quilt for myself is starting to overflow.  It will overflow if I finish anything new.

This quilt pattern is called "Floating 4 patch."  It is made completely from 5" charm squares.  I used several packs and fabric lines from the same designer to get this scrappy effect.

The pattern was shared with my local quilt guild about a year ago.  I'll share it with soon as I find which safe place I put it in.  (Aaaaargh)

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