Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break!!

It's spring break for the students and teachers in my town.  It is a beautiful time of year in North Texas...just a bit chilly or a bit warm depending on the hour, the trees are all in bloom (except the Crepe Myrtle and Oaks they like it warmer) there are perenials in all of the public flower beds.

The boys have begun visiting.  I should enstall a revolving door this time of year.  Today my 18 and 12 year olds are home...and actually "playing" together.  Don't tell Noah...or Ben...but I think deep down they really are brothers and love each other like it or not.  John is participating in leg #1 of "The Triangle."  Three best friends who live within a mile of one another each take turns hosting a leg.  Gaming, talking, movie watching, and cleaning out the fridge goes on for three days in three different households.  I'm looking forward to our leg, although I'm not sure when that is going to happen.  That's the beauty of it - none of the parrents are consulted.  Good thing we all love each other too.

My beloved took the week off to be with us while we aren't home.  He has a self imposed "todo" list.  At the moment he is working on the painting project he started last year...during spring break.   I'd almost forgotten that the walls were supposed to be all the same color.  He will feel much better when it is all done.

And me...I'm working on the never ending pile of quilts to be quilted.  I keep thinking I'm going to quit, but people keep bringing me work.  The work isn't hard, and sometimes it is even fun.  For now, I'll keep saying least until the machine is paid off....which shouldn't be too long from now.  I'm down to < $2,000.  Hurrah!!

Ooops, time to get back to work.

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The Tulip Patch said...

I know you are a no reply blogger but I had to track you down to let you know I loved the comment you left about your sons and your quilting. I hope my boys grow up to be thoughtful like that!