Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My favorite things....

Noah ready to be discharged
Don't worry - his arm is under his hoodie.

Noah Update
Sooooo the surgery went well and my boy is now recovering from the snug corner of his room.  He is ensconced on his bed with flannel quilt, two snugly cats, a lap top hooked to Netflix, and a box of Apple Jacks.  He is also on some serious pain meds - so he is kinds of quiet.

The doctor was able to fit the bones back together with ease.  There was a little crumbling at the front - he could tell that Noah rolled forward on his shoulder - but it's now all cleaned up and braced back together with a metal plate and six screws.  My boy should be all healed up and back to doing dumb stuff in no time.

What's new on the swapping front

On the quilting front - I haven't done much these past few days.  You could say I've been a bit preoccupied.  However, I do have two new minis to make for the STUD swap on Flickr.  I'm very excited about this one.

Our theme this month is "My Favorite Things."  Each participant listed 5 favorite things.  Mine were: blue skies, sunshine, laughter, clean bright color, and my little white cat.  I can't wait to see what my partners come up with.

Took - My favorite thing # 5 with a little bit of #2 & #4

Yes, that was plural.  I have two partners in the same swap this time.  (There were an odd number of participants so I get to be two people.)  Won't it be fun to see how two different people interpret my list of 5?!

My two people are very different from each other......

Crazy Poodle Girl                                                Flossieblossoms
1.  Poodles                                                            1.  Mermaids
2.  Vegetable Gardens                                         2.  Pirate Stuff
3.  Landscapes                                                     3.  Her little white cat
4.  Birds                                                               4.  Beach/Tropical stuff
5.  Butterflies                                                       5.  Margaritas/limes/humor

favorite colors
 greens, blues, neutral & muted tones                       bright and happy

Home town
 North Pole, Alaska                                                  Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I haven't a clue what I am going to make for them, but I'm looking forward to shopping!!  Next Friday I'm spending the day with  my Mom at the Dallas Quilt Celebration.  Oh yeah!!

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