Thursday, March 10, 2011

If only....

If only I didn't have to do things like eat and sleep and go to the bathroom.  There would be so much more time in the day.  Think of all that I could get done if I didn't waste 8 hours every day sleeping.  I could play with fabrics and colors all night long.

If only I didn't have children that need to be driven to and from school each day, with clothes to wash and doctor visits to be taken too.  No one would ever interrupt my creative juices.  No one would ask me "what's happening" in the middle of the movie I'm not watching because someone is talking to me.  No one would inform me at the eleventh hour that they have to have a box of plastic forks and duct tape for a school project that is due in two hours.  No one would leave their dirty socks and stinky shoes in the middle of the living room or under the kitchen table.  No one would leave the toilette unflushed just to be discovered by a bowl diving dirty hound dog at midnight.

If only I could live alone in peace and quiet and be perfectly happy, perfectly ordered, perfectly at peace. 

I can see it now, I'd be saying "If only I had someone to share things with.  What fun is creating something bright and cheerful if it is only me that sees it?  I think I need to go buy forks, or a dog...Basset's are so cute." 

May all of the things that get in the way of the things you wish you were doing instead, bring you joy today! 

Going to a the Dallas Quilt Celebration tomorrow!  Look for a report on Saturday...unless something gets in my way.

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