Thursday, March 24, 2011

Floating 4 Patch

I made this 12" block with four Floating 4 Patch units that were all the same.
I found it!!

But it is a lousy photocopy that has been bent and tossed about.  Taking a photo of it would be no good so I'll have to type it out for you....and take some this might take a little while.

The pattern was written by Connie Watakins.

1) Cut three 5" squares.  Two of the same color and one of another.  When picking your fabric think high contrast.

2) From the 2 squares of the same color cut once, corner to corner.  Fold in half to get the centers of the triangles and press.  Also press the one remaining square in half.   Finger pressing is fine.

3) Line up the centers of the triangles and the square and sew.

4) Trim up the square 1/2" from each corner of the block in the center so the square will float when you finish the block.

5) Cut the unit corner to corner twice to form 4 triangles and small square units

6) Repeat the process to make four different triangle and square units.  Then sew 4 different units together to make the final block.  It will end up approximately 6 1/2" .


Linda Phillips said...

I love this method, how are you pressing your seams?

Cindy Sharp said...

Linda - I really have no idea. It looks like I pressed to the outside...toward the dark in the example shown. However that would make matching seams a tad difficult. If you ironed the first set of triangles towards the center and the second set towards the corners you would be able to swap pieces until you found seams that would snuggle...I think. If I made it now I would try that.

Linda Phillips said...

Thank you so much. I'm making practice blocks so I will try that.😁