Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More pincushions?!


It has been a while since I last posted....more than a week.

I have no idea what I've been up to.

Making pincushions perhaps....

This one is kind of large....but that was the size of the motif in the fabric.    I also made a little thimble case (the yellow bit with the bird) from ribbon to send to my FLiPS partner.

I think this one is my favorite.
I had caught up on my customer quilts.  I was down to two in the basket of things to be done.  Pending was empty, as was next month. 
The past couple of days has changed that.  I now have 9 quilts in the queue.  Not a bad problem to have.
I went to guild last night.  We heard from Diane Durand author of "Quilts, Tattoos, and Tacos".  She like an Ever Ready Bunny.  I can't imagine doing all that she told us about.  It was nice to visit her world, but it was nicer to get back to my own.
I participated in a tiny pincushion swap at guild.  The idea was to try a container pincushion (all of the round ones I've been showing you were made this way.)  I was the lucky recipient of this cute little lady bug and needle case.  It is very tiny....Helga could almost use it as a cushion for her feet,

but it isn't quite big enough.


Carla said...

Have fun quilting your 9 !

Lynne said...

You've been busy! Does Helga sing Wagner when she thinks you're not listening?

benta atSLIKstitches said...

I do like the op one, it reminds me of old fashioned embroidery samplers!

Newbie Jen said...

Love the pincushions! So cute.

Janine said...

Wonderful pin cushions - you're building up quite a collection!

Irene said...

Nice pincushions, my favorite is the purple with the crocheted applique. But my very best is Helga! ;0)