Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ta- done!

I've been vacationing this week.  But...we had company (my son's room mate)...and while he was here my dh and I made him this....

Gotta love those half square triangles!

My new favorite place to photograph quilts....the tree in my front yard.  The low branch is just right.

"Papi chulo" is the nickname Christian was given by the other trainers.  We are told it means "handsome".
A closer look at the quilting.  This is "Deb's Feathers" by Deb Geisler.
  I love how it looks on western leather tooling.
Now back to my regularly scheduled vacation........


Patti said...

Great quilt, Cindy! I am sure he will treasure it always.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

That's lovely, I really like the way the chevrons become squares, I had to keep checking that row *was* different to the others! Enjoy your vacation!

Lynne said...

What a lovely gift for a visitor to your home. And I love that DH helped.