Monday, August 13, 2012

Still trying to wrap my head around it....

My dear husband will tell you that this is classic Cindy.  Put an event on the calender, plan to attend, make all of the necessary arrangements and then balk at the last minute.

I didn't want to go on Saturday, but I did.  Now, I would highly recommend the experience to anyone visiting Dallas.

The Dallas World Aquarium is amazing.

Dallas Texas in August is not the sort of place you want to visit. It is hot, and hazy, and did I mention hot?

The city is like a huge concrete slab baking in the hot summer sun.  The skyscrapers, monstrous glass buildings that stretch toward the sky reflect all of that heat back into the city.

To say that the following....all housed inside one of those very buildings...was mind boggling, is an understatement.  Check it out.....

Hello, glad you stopped by.....

taking a dip in the penguin pool....oh so refreshing. 

You say it is hot outside?  Really?!

Sticky orange tree frogs

Shark boy!

The shark tank had a tube through the middle that you had to walk through.

Looking down below the walk through I could see even bigger sharks and rays.

A rattler.....eeek

His unconcerned neighbor.

I really think this one was stuffed.

Silver fish the size of dinner plates.

Pink flamingos....such pretty creatures.

A tiny ray

Wouldn't it be nice to have this in your living room?!

He was in the trees on an island at the bottom of the falls.
 The otter pool was one of my favorite spots....although it was a bit crowded...

A black necked swan - swam around in the pool beneath the water fall.  Down below there was a manatee. (That big grey blob with the white splotches on it.)

At the end of the day I was still amazed that this is all inside, in the middle of a big, busy, hot city.

I wonder if it is cooler if you drive around in a car like this one?


Susan Standen said...

Looks like a great day out!

Sana Saroti said...

Oh, thanks Cindy! I'll definitely make hubby take me there next time we are visiting his brother! Is it very expensive?

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

All all indoors? It looks huge - and fab!

Janine said...

This looks like an amazing place! I'm glad you had a good time :)

Lynne said...

Wow! That does look amazing!

Your first paragraph showed me why we are friends - it's exactly the sort of thing I would do!