Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey Don-key!

Jack & Jenny Donkey Galoshes
Grass Green
by  Robert Kaufman

Jack & Jenny Fancy Rain Boots
Grass Green
by Robert Kaufman

Jack & Jenny Raindrops
Grass Green
by Robert Kaufman

My doodle creating a quilt out of Jack & Jenny

Remember those?  You can read more about them here.

My dear husband got so tickled out of me being so tickled, that he went and ordered the fabric.  It has been sitting in a bag, in a box since April.  A few days ago I got it out and decided that the donkeys were too big for the quilt I had envisioned.  They measured a whopping 3" x 4" each.  I had to do some rethinking.  (else have a quilt made of donkey butts).

I decided to make one big star.  Escentially, this is the center 9 blocks of my previous plan made much bigger.  I like the results.  It measures about 68" x 68".  Perfect for a nice snuggle on the couch.

The background grey fabric is Marcus Primo Plaids Woven Herringbone Grey.  Oh is so lovely and thick and soft.  The top was cuddly before it was layered and quilted.

I quilted it in Kim Diamond's "Umbrella Pano".  With all of the rain and the galoshes I thought the umbrellas fit right in.

And the label?  Don't you love that.  The little cloud is from Urban Threads and is called "Senor Cloud".  I used scraps from the front to make it.

I'm thinking that this pattern might be great for any large scale print.  AND it went together easily in a day.  Would you like a pattern for it?


Carla said...

Hi there! I just got a fat quarter of the little rain boots. Very cute!

Ginny said...

So cute! I love these prints but never know how to show case them. You umbrella quilting and rain cloud label are perfect! Just found you thru MBS and your Cinnamon Spice tutorial--Very nice!

Lynne said...

That donkey in gum boots (that's what we call them here in Oz) still makes me smile every time.

Great design and wonderful quilt name and label. Good on you.