Friday, October 7, 2011

Better than Botox!

"I love my lips!!"

Yes, this is one of my all time favorite memories of my children's childhood. Veggie Tales rock....but those aren't the lips I want to talk about.

Playing with Pips
These are.
I designed both of these little quilts for Flickr swapping. The first one, Playing with Pips, is still up for grabs in the Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap Group. I'm not supposed to tell, but hey they probably know already. Those people are crazy smart. The swap is open October 25th. Check it out. The second, Curios, was made for October 2011 STUD Anything Goes, and one of my dearest friends....Moogiequilter. I don't believe that she is going to give it up to you; however, given enough monetary incentive I would advise her to.

Short of entering LQSVS or bribing Martha these quilts are spoken for, but you could make your own.

This link will show you how. Lip Tutorial  It is better than Botox! And I guarantee you won't end up in lip rehab with Oscar.


Janine said...

Gosh I might try that - but not at the moment. I think it will take a lot of concentration! Yours are looking great :)

Rylee Kettner said...

Oh my goodness, both quilts turned out amazing! I tried to get my niece to watch Veggie Tales this week, since I loved watching it at school when I was little, but she was NOT at all interested lol! Oh, and I love the idea you left on my blog about dying your pup red! But I am a big clifford fan so maybe I am biased lol!