Monday, October 31, 2011

HSTs, I love you!

Have you seen Cosmo Cricket's new line for Moda?! Circa 1934 is a vintage looking collection of typographic designs. Perfect for the nerds and geeks in your life.

It is rich with color without being over powering and uber-girly. Again, perfect for guys....especially the nerdy and geeky.

I started with a layer cake....just one, because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. I just knew that I had to have it.

My plan was to make a quilt for one of the boys that has been a part of my son's life for the past 14 years. He has been blessed to be friends with two godly young men, and their families, since they were all 2. I love that. This year they all turn 16.

As it has been my habit in the past, I did the same for his older brothers best buddy, I want to make quilts for each of them. (hmmm, have I implied that my son's friends are nerds and geeks......) I do not want to spend a ton of money or time making these quilts. Enter the half square triangle.

First off, they have a really dumb name. HSTs are not triangles at all. They are squares. Imagine, a square bisected on the diagonal. You have two right triangles of equal size, stuck together along the hypotenuse. (We should really call them "half triangle squares", and I would, but then no one would know what I am talking about.) When one triangle is consistently colored darker than the other the design possibilities are endless.

Check out these photos, all made with the same hst blocks by "IamSusie"

When I went to my lqs on friday this is what I was planning to do. I went to purchase a solid that I could blend with Circa 1934. I found the fabric and went to check out. Got out my customer appreciation card....they record your purchase, after 6 purchases they add up the totals and give you 10% back in shop credit. I had $48 and some odd cents. Holy layer cake Batman! Shout out to the gang at Happiness is....Quilting in McKinney Texas - I love you guys! I got a second layer cake of Circa 1934.

I made my hsts on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon I sewed them in this arrangement. It looks awesome on a bed.

I used the solid that I purchased to add a border.

Adding leftover blocks, don't ask me how I managed to have extra blocks, I was able to extend the barn raising pattern into the border.

One top down. One to go. Do you think hsts could come to my rescue again?


Toni said...

I love that fabric line, too. It is on my list. The quilt looks great, and really cool on the bed, too! I really love quilts made with HSTs, but I'm not a big fan of making them. Maybe because I make them too small so it takes a boatload to make anything. I think you have the right idea making them huge!

Sana Saroti said...

I doubt that my best friend's mom would do anything like this for me. You are awesome! If I was you I would make the 2nd quilt like the first one so that there won't be any compairing ;-) but I guess boys are not like that (not when it comes to quilts ;-)

Lynne said...

For some reason I was unable to get any pictures on your blog so I am unable to make an intelligent comment!

Lynne said...

Finally - photos! You inspire me to give large HST a go! Thank you!