Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just in...

I ordered some goodies from The Fat Quarter Shop. It has to be one of my favorite on line quilt shops. Your orders arrive promptly and packaged with care.

Backing materials....

I bought the red for the Oh-Cherry-Oh quilt, but I think it might be too orange. What do you think?

The candy canes are for this quilt. It is an "Easy Breezy" from Quilt Country, featuring a whole clothe center with a pieced border. I'm thinking it will make a great gift for one of my brothers. (if I don't tell you which one, then if they happen to read this post, which I highly doubt, they will still be in the dark.)

The muslin is for this project. I've been collecting selvage edges for several years now. That is a 4 lb box filled to over flowing. I can't wait to get started on this project. I'm thinking it will look like vegas from a New
Mexican ceiling.

I also bought a Grinch kit and yummy striped flannel for backing. My plan is to make this for one of my brothers. (I have 3). If I change my mind I'm sure one of my sons would love to have it.

And, down at the bottom of the box were two new magazines. I love sitting and flipping through the pages. I rarely, if ever, make a quilt out of a magazine, but I love looking at all of the new fabrics and tools. Today a Steady Betty ironing surface looks appealing.

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