Wednesday, October 26, 2011

STUDly Day

It was a red letter day all around.

First the mail....

A package with taunting messages on it.

Oh so inviting on the inside.

Goodies began to appear the moment I opened it.

Eek! So much fun...

"Pumpkin!" was made for me by SewGentle, my partner for the Sept./Oct STUD Halloween swap. Her workmanship is stunning. This little quilt is hand appliqu├ęd and quilted.

A close up of her applique. These little birds remind me of the finches I used to have.

Her embroidery is beautiful...ribbons and floss and bits of wool. This is a fantastic quilt.

Thank you sweet new friend. I wish we lived closer so that we could run off on a quilty adventure together.

Then a special delivery...

Our guild had a garage sale last night. There were lots of lovely sewing room cast offs. A stunning raffle quilt from the guild in the next city over. Pecan and cookbook sales. It was quite a gala. But the best part was the delivery of my other Sept/Oct STUD quilty. My friend Martha recently joined STUD and was paired with me for her first Anything Goes swap. This is the quilt she made for me.

She made the folded petal flowers on pins so that they can be moved around, or worn.

She told me that the backing doesn't the rest of the quilt, but it did remind her of my kitties. I think it is purr-fect!

All of that and this passel of goodies. Clips and coasters, a set of alphabet stamps, and the most beautifully crafted letter I've read in a very long time. Any knuckle smacking Nun would hold it up as a stunning example of epistlery. You like that word? I just made it up. Martha's letter was so beautiful that it deserves a fancy word to describe it.

Thank you friend!

I hope your day was as studly.


Lynne said...

Both quilts are lovely but that pumpkin quilt is truly uniquely beautiful!

Katie said...

I am in love with both of these pieces! Lucky you!