Saturday, December 1, 2012

November In my review window....

I woke up this morning and the calender said it is December 1.  The first day to open a little door on the advent calender!!

The thermometer says it is 74 degrees outside, headed to 77 with lots of wind and humidity.  No rain, just dampness.  So I am dressed in shorts and a t-shirt listening to Christmas carols.  No matter how long I live in Texas, I don't think I will ever get used to this; but, live here I do, and I'm not planing on moving any time soon. 

Anyone have some warm weather holiday traditions I can borrow?!

November in my rear view window looks like this....

Tops to Treasures, the business did a whomping 8 quilts for customers.

Tops to Treasures, the designer, produced three new quilts,  and finished a silly knit wash clothe...pattern found on Ravelry.
( Look for directions for quilt on the bottom left on Moda Bakeshop later this month.)

I received two darling little quilts by participating in the Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap on Flickr.

American Gothic a la Amy Bradley

Berries & Chocolate

These are the two that I sent.
I am still waiting for my Fab Little Pincushion to arrive from my partner.  It must be traveling a very long ways.  However, I received the most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday.

Checkered Pincushion

Isn't it wonderful?!    Thank you Carol of Mamacjt  fame.  You are a treasure!  This pinnie is huge!!  I am confident that my new helper will not be able to carry it off.

Jack in a box

Lily's Quilts


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Your helper is precious and your projects are beautiful! A good month for you.

Colleen said...

Love the K9 washie!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Wow, you've been busy!!

Lynne said...

It reached 104°F here yesterday - but it was the first day of summer. It's 6:40am Sunday now and already the temperature is a muggy 73°F with 98% humidity (it's raining) -- they forecast a maximum of only 80°F today!

It's good to look back and see what has been accomplished. I love your mini of the pilgrim couple!

Susan Standen said...

Yay! The pinnie arrived. Guess you can talk to your postman again. ;-)

Heidi Staples said...

Cindy, these are all lovely -- you've been so busy! My girls are so excited to start doing the advent calendar too! :)

stitchingandbacon said...

Your helper is so cute! I love your quilts from November, so beautiful!

Patti said...

Great finishes Cindy! I can offer absolutely nothing when it come to warm weather in December!!

benta atSLIKstitches said...

Lovely lot of stuff there! I really like the customers Christmassy log cabin. The pinnie is SO carol! Warm Christmas, - cant help! I spent the first half or December in Australia last year, very strange, back to rain and ice this year :-)