Thursday, December 20, 2012



This is John Nicholas Sharp.  He is the second best Christmas gift I have ever been given!!  (Jesus in a manger is the only thing ahead of him on the list.)  He was born 17 years ago today!!!!  at 2:00 in the morning after a day and a half of labor.
John's Stocking

This is the stocking that I made for him years and years ago.  It looks so much like my sweet Christmas boy.  His first word was "HUG".  Go ahead and say it......"Awwwwwww"  That is how this boy has effected me since the day I discovered that I was pregnant.
Sand Gnats Spring Tourn 4

He loves baseball!

Christmas At Home 2010
I love his laugh...

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 And his curls....
and his silly sense of humor...
but then I love everything about this guy.  Named after Jesus's best friend and St. Nick, discovered on Easter morning and introduced to his family on Christmas Eve,  just a few days after being born , this boy is a blessing beyond measure.  I can't wait to see what wonderful things lie ahead for him.


Carla said...

Happy birthday John. There is something special about a son. I have five and each one is unique ; )
Merry Christmas

Susan Standen said...

A very happy birthday to John and what a fabulous Christmas present he was indeed.

Janine said...

Happy Birthday to John - he was indeed a wonderful Christmas present!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday John!