Tuesday, December 4, 2012

God is good...

I am so blessed, there are not words to describe the wonders that God has surrounded me with.  He is there, all the time, in every moment, taking care of my needs.

What a pity I don't recognize it.

christmas bokeh lights

I know, it is Christmas time.  There are bright lights and decorations every where you look.  Even in my home.  There is Christmas music 24/7 on the radio (wish it would stay all year round.) There is hope in the air, even when the world seems hopeless, there is the notion that something good could happen at any moment.

The seems like I should be "Happy, happy, happy." (Thank you Phil Robertson for that quote...that is him up above NOT Santa Clause)  Which makes it all the more shocking when I find myself, happy quilter, suddenly turned Hulk... a room, all by myself, with the Gammill happily doing all of my work for me and the critters napping peacefully in  the rest of the house.  Weird huh.

I haven't a clue what it was all about...not really....menopausal mood swing?, drop in blood sugar?, alien possession?, paranormal reaction to the warm weather?  All I know is that it wasn't good. 

Flowers from Gilbert
Enter husband, three hours early from work with one bouquet of pink roses and daisies.  I spent the afternoon putzing around the studio playing with scraps while he finished his work day sitting next to me.  It was soooo sweet to just have a warm body sitting in the same room. 
Not knowing what had happened, what triggered it, and that I was due for another day by myself, I was a little worried about today.  Myself has been wearing very thin on me of late....having people around keeps me focused on what is really important.  Enter God!!  (oh how I love Him.)
Johnny Ho, Ho
This morning my Johnny had to go into school early.  So I had to get out and take Ben to school. 
Then I discovered that I had to get gas for the car.  While I was pumping gas I got to help another lady figure out the pay at the pump feature.
I got home to find my kitten demanding some attention.

Jack, the Studio Cat

Then the phone rings and the most encouraging person I know wants to know if I can quilt something for her.  She stayed on the phone for nearly an hour.  When we finally hung up I knew that God was "messing" with my day.


Then the other phone rings and Mom wants to know if having a bowl watching party (at which her Alma Mater and my little brother's go head to head) at my house (where I have already invited my family to come but am trying to figure out when.) might be a good idea.


No sooner have I hung up with Mom than my sister-in-law calls.  It has been ages since I had a good talk with her.

Do you see how my day has gone?  It is just shy of 1:00.  I have to eat lunch still, but then there are only a couple of hours left until the boys all come home from school.  God didn't leave me alone today at all. 

Isn't He good?!


Amy said...

What an uplifting post! I spend quilte a few daylight hours by myself too, and it can get old.

Susan Standen said...

Nice to know he's taking care of you. And someone else too - what beautiful flowers!

Mina said...

Sometimes it is amazing...the way things go.

Patti said...

Indeed he is Cindy! So happy that he made the stop at your home and in your heart!

Jacquelynne Steves said...

He always knows what we need, just when we need it... Glad your day improved...

Lynne said...

God is, indeed, wonderful. He knows our needs and sees that they are met! He knows our fears and can still them in a calm, quiet voice! And He knows how to prompt others, even those who don't know Him, to see His purpose fulfilled.

benta atSLIKstitches said...

How lovely! He knows what you need, even before you know! X x