Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get Ready

Remember this idea? I do. I've been day dreaming about it for several weeks now.

On Friday I am going to a quilting retreat and I'm taking this puppy with me.

I spent this morning working out what I need to cut. I printed out the rotary cutting charts from EQ7, and used it to make a list of the pieces needed.

Then I decided to construct a block from scrap before I cut into my lovely fabric.

It went pretty well....except I cut my triangle while the fabric was layered wrong sides the triangles were not all the same....but I also cut too it worked out.

I ended up with two blocks, each at a slightly different angle.

Now I have two baseball mug rugs, or hot pads, or trivets...whatever you want to call them. AND I have a good idea where the tricky bits of the construction lay.

Tomorrow I get to cut it out.  [Eek!  I've been mucking about with my blog and it is already 10:19 am with no cutting done!]

I can't wait to see how my happy quilt turns out.


Anonymous said...

On page 8 of the instructions for Twisted Charm, should the sticks be sewn on the RIGHT side of the blocks rather than the LEFT as stated?

Love the look of this quilt - want to make with my sister to teach her some techniques and tricks. Thanks for a great pattern.

Cindy said...

Ultimately it doesn't matter as long as you do all of them the same; however, you are correct. Everything else in the directions suggest that I should have said RIGHT when I wrote LEFT. Thanks for letting me know. It is now corrected.

PS Sorry about that - I'm left handed and often get right and left mixed up. Maybe I should stick to compass points when I give directions.