Thursday, February 23, 2012

Well, will you look at that....

I just noticed that I have 31 followers now.  When did that happen?

As I look at all of the little icons I smile and think, "Oh yeah, she is the one who...."  I feel like I have a bunch of friends that share my days and creative endeavors.  Blog-land is an awesome place.

Then I took a peek at my stats.  Holy are from all over the place.  How cool is that?!

It's like having pen pals all over the world....without the cost of postage!  Who'd a thunk it.

Thanks for following, and commenting occasionally on my posts.  It is good to know that you are out there.

May God bless your day today as you have blessed mine.  I hope it is beautiful.


carol fun said...

Happy to be a follower - and it is fun to see where people are from. I looked at my stats one day and there were a bunch of hit from Norway -who knew someone in Norway would be looking at my crazy stuff? Kinda cool -

Issabella The Cat said...

That location thing in stats always amazes me too! Its fab to think how many different places our craft works get seen :)