Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too many irons in the fire?

DSQ10 - am making a largish mini for my partner in....can't tell you where.  Dead line March 2011

STUD Anything Goes - making a mini for Jader9920 in Wisconsin.  Deadline late February 2011

STUD "Love, love, love" - making a mini for SweatTeaMom in Georgia.  Deadline late February 2011

My Favorite Little Quilt Swap - making a mini for a blind quilt swap.  Deadline extended for DQS10 applicants not selected for this round.

Round Robin 4 - making 6.5" blocks to contribute to the centers of 4 quilts that will be sent round to be embellished.  These will be sent to Oregon, Indiana, and Maryland.  Deadline - January 1, 2011.

Frisco Quilt Guild Round Robin - must at the first border to Anne B's quilt.  Deadline January 25, 2011.

Frisco Quilt Guild Mystery Quilt - homework must be completed by February 12, 2011 and includes 289 3" finished half triangle squares.

I love making lists just for the power that crossing things off of them gives me.  They can, however, become a tad overwhelming. 

In this case the worst part is waiting for the creative muse to strike.  She is a little like cupid - I never know when she will hit, or where, but I do know that when she does the arrow will strike truly.  Each of these projects is percolating in the back of my mind and/or brewing in a box on my project shelf.  As I share my "studio" with the rest of the family as a sort of general work room, I can't leave things lying about.  It could be disastrous.  Imagine, 7 quilt projects, 3 boys, 1 husband, 2 cats, and 2 dogs add in the never ending stream of laundry and various quilting projects for customers and anything could happen.  Ikea and The Container Store are my friends.

I am confident that the projects will be completed on way or the other they will get done...and then I can cross them off the list!  Ooooh that's gonna' feel good.

2/25/2011 Yes, yes it does feel good to cross the last one off that list.  Praise God!!!

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