Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a Brave New World

This is all new to me.  The idea of putting my thoughts out for the world to see.  More precisely, my thoughts on fabrics and color and putting them together; about quilting and life in general.  Really, can you talk about fabric and color, about making quilts in general, without talking about the people that you make them for?  Maybe you can....but I'm the one with her fingers on the key board.  I definitely can not.

So this is me.  Wife of one husband.  I plan to stay that way until one of us dies.  I'm too impatient to train another one.  Mother of 3 boys.  They are my delight and joy.  I can't believe that God gifted them to me.  Stay at home mom and owner/operator of Tops to Treasures. A long arm quilting business that believes that no one wants to inherit a quilt top and quilts are made for snuggling, not taking up space in dresser drawers.

I hope you enjoy the adventure along with me.

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