Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm only a few days late....

Idea #1  On point with setting triangles.
Last Fall I signed up to participate in the local guild's round robin project.  I am so excited.  I've enjoyed participating in round robins on line (Quiltin' Kimmie - it's your fault!!) and am thrilled to get to share the experience with my face to face friends. 

We all got together and talked about the process during the guild's fall retreat and swaped for the first round in November.  Yes, that means I've had this since then.  (I'm hanging my head in shame.)  The plan was to complete the first round and then swap for the second border at the January meeting.  That was last Tuesday.  Ooops.  I hadn't even looked at what was in the box.  Sometimes life just happens.

So now, shamed into action, I've opened the box and am entertaining possibilities.  I like the block on point the best.  My thought is to complete the larger square with black setting triangles inserting a bright triangle in each of the setting sides.  The math for pointing in or out would be fairly easy.  What if the bright triangles pointed 90 degrees, would that make the black pinwheel in the center turn?  Hmmm.
Idea #2

Idea number 2, and one that the owner expressed an interest in, is to start with this octagon.  My course of action would envolve squareing it up and perhaps add a circling flock of prismatic flying geese.

I love the work the owner did on this block.  The center is especially fascinating.  I'm just not sure of the math need to execute my idea. 

I think I would have to off set the prism - put the red goose on the green side and go from there.  The balance would be more pleasent, and it would get the star rolling.

I have a few days to make a decision...but I need to do it quickly.  I've already gotten the box for round 2, and I'm holding up the works.  I need to get my creative juices flowing.

I'm just a few days late...

PS I'd like to thank my son John for the wonderful gift of a portable design wall.  You've always been great at choosing the perfect gift and you've out done yourself with this one.  I love you!!

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