Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scrappy Saturday

I have been working on these for a while.
It is amazing how many you can make from a handful of scraps.
I have 40 monochromatic log cabins made as of today.
I want my finished quilt to be about twice this big.
So, I've been thinking about adding something to the mix in every other square. It couldn't be scraps....anything that big is NOT a scrap....but I didn't know what it would be. Until this morning....
I LOVE this fabric! It is called Wild Thing and has big (nearly 8") squares of goofy amphibians. I have to add some scrap to the sides to make the squares big enough to be blocks in this quilt...but that just adds to the scrappiness.

He, he, he can't wait to make the rest of the funny blocks.


beth said...

You're going to have a vERY FUN quilt!

Carla said...

Your monochromatic blocks look great. The "wild things" fit right in ; )

Lynne said...

You are too funny!

At first I thought you were joining the scrappy log cabin quiltalong over at Ellison Lane Quilts but now I see that isn't so!

benta atSLIKstitches said...

Wow! Loved it already, but the borders are a fab idea!