Friday, April 15, 2011

Whats up with that?!!!

I can't believe this...

I'm actually thinking that I'd rather clean than quilt.  Something is definitely wrong with me.

For those of you who are unaware of my living arrangements...I am a stay at home mother to three boys.  Their ages are 18, 15.5, and just shy of 13.  They, my dear husband, two cats, two dogs, and myself live in a largish house in the suburbs of Dallas Texas.  The boys have been given the majority of the second floor of our home - four bed rooms, and two bathrooms, as their space.  My workroom/studio sits squarely in the middle of these six rooms.

The deal - keep your space clean and picked up, do your school work to the best of your ability, and you will earn various age appropriate rights and privileges.  Come "pay day" they all insist that they have done their parts.

I can tell from the stats feature incorporated into blogspot that my daily musings are read all around the world.  (I'm sorry, but I am about to subject you to horrors beyond measure.) The following photographs are of The Boy Zone.

The North Bathroom, shared by 18 and 15.5 year old boys - can anyone tell me how you could possibly come out of this room clean?

The Northeast Bedroom, on loan to 15.5 year old boy - I think he has a sock infestation problem.

The Northwest bedroom, on a short term rent free lease to the 18 year old - why am I wasting perfectly good furniture on this boy?  And really, if he is such a great athlete, can you tell me why the tissues are on the floor instead of the waste basket?  Am I missing something?


The Southeastern bedroom, a.k.a. The Game Room.  Does anyone else think that there has been a party in here?  I think I live in a frat house...only the drink of the day is bottled water.


The Southwestern room - current residence of my not quite 13 year old and his adorable cat.  (Please don't let him know that I called her his cat.  I'd never hear the end of it.  Oh, and for the record, his cat is "Fluffy"  I love you Ben (the boy) and Button (the cat))

I honestly don't intend to humiliate my children.  Obviously, they think this is clean.  I'm sure that when Dad comes home this evening and announces that he has been paid (Thank You God) my beloved children will find no reason why they shouldn't receive a reward as well.

I have to ask, is there any place in this great big world where their rooms would be considered picked up and/or clean?

Please leave a comment for me to share with the boys.  Perhaps you could cast a vote - Clean or Not?!  Should they be rewarded or fined?

Oh - and please pray for me.  I have a very hard time with this.  I firmly believe that it is their job to keep their stuff, but struggle with the urge to clean it myself. 

Anyone know where I can get one of those coin operated locks that they used to have in public restrooms?


Susan said...

When I was a teenager, my room would look like this on occasion. My mother, bless her heart, instead of screaming and ranting at me like I would have done, would merely pull everything into the middle of the room, in a huge pile, to greet me when I got home from school. Everything, if it could be moved, it was on the floor, in the middle of the room. She would escort me to my room when I walked in the door and inform me that I was not to come out until everything was back in its proper place. I could come out for cleaning supplies, but that was it. No phone, no TV, no fun until it was 100% tidy and neat and clean.

This would happen a few times a year, when it was more than she could stand.

Usually by bedtime, I was done. And shoving it all into the closet wasn't allowed, either.

Good luck, Cindy, I feel your pain and frustration and I think some kids have a ways to go to earn this weeks allowances. :)

Rosie Brucie said...

Heh Heh...Cindy, you are so funny...boys will definitely be boys...I had two and they are grown up now and the oldest is a neat freak, the youngest, well let's say your boys rooms looked like his apartment AFTER he cleaned it...and he likes it that way!

He is growing up though cause on occasion he'll ask how to clean something, so I know he's trying to learn...heh heh!

What I finally said to myself lately when I get frustrated with him is, Thank you Lord that he lives by himself and I don't have to pick up after him, but I do love that boy! This too shall pass....

Maya said...

Ooh, I should take photos of my kids' bathroom and we can compare! Eeeuw! Yuck!

On the bright side, now that they live on their own, the older boys actually appreciate cleanliness. Not that I've seen either of their homes, yet...