Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun stuff

Carrot Patch Pin Cushion by Just Another Button Company.Hand stitched with felted wool and stuffed with wool roving.

This took me about two hours to complete.

It is so nice to hold, and it makes me grin just thinking about it.

I gave this to my Mom on Easter morning. It was fun giving her a special treat.

Strawberry Pin Cushion by Just Another Button CompanyAlso hand stitched using felted wool and stuffed with wool roving.

This pin cushion took me a little bit longer to make because it was the first one I did.

My thought was to gift it to a friend who loves strawberries...but then I remembered that she is allergic to wool. Hmmm.

I gave it to her anyway. Lol She had just made herself a strawberry needle case. It was a perfect match!

This is the map associated with people who have read my blog today.Holy Smokes Batman!! Look at all of those green places.

Hello people in Brazil, England, China, and Australia, Canada and the United States. It is nice to have you visit.

Saw this in the local quilt shop yesterday. It made me laugh out loud!I had to share it with you.

May your day be blessed with sunshine and gentle breezes. May it sparkle with the love of friends and family. May you know joy.

Make it a great one!

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