Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leftovers and a fantastic weekend.

Two years ago I started this quilt. It was a mystery quilt project sponsored by my local quilt guild.
Did you see those borders? They were fussy cut from an awesome stripe. It was one of the fabrics in
Dena's Leanika line. Fussy cutting those long pieces left some strange, large print, scraps.
This weekend I straightened out my scrap drawer. (That is my excuse for a stash...which I technically don't have.). As I was playing in the fabrics I thought...why the heck don't you just sew those bits together. So I did. The bits in this picture were all leftover from the same mystery quilt.
This is the beginnings of our new "rug". My dear spouse is making it for the living room. There was a lot of fabric left over. I pieced it with some more of my fussy cut scraps to make a back.
Then I zigzagged some bits of batting together. You do this by holding the smooth edges side by side and feeding them gently through the sewing machine. I've done it with all sorts of batting. This time I had scraps of Dream Orient. It is a delicious batt made of silk, bamboo, eucalyptus, and cotton.   I quilted the whole thing with a new pattern that I've been dying to try. (Anne Bright's Fandangle b2b)
And bound it with more fussy cut scraps.
Add to that a beautiful break in the insanely hot summer weather and I had a fantastic weekend.
Thank you God!

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Lynne said...

Ooo, lovely. It's amazing that the things we may once have thrown away, can be turned into gorgeeous quilts too!