Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Can you hear the bugle calling?

It is singing "Run away, run away!" That is just what I did last weekend.

I went with a few of my friends from Frisco Quilt Guild.  Three nights and four days of nothing but quilting....and laughter....and food.  It was delightful.  

It wouldn't have been half as nice if it were not for the people at Sunset  Retreats.  Their center has been open for a little more than a year.  It is the perfect spot to get away for quilting.

Located in Sunset Texas, north and west of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, the spot is ideal for anyone who wants to get away and have room to spread out.

Quilt Retreat 4/2014

The work room had 2, 2'x 4' tables per guest...and since we had not reached capacity we had lots more room than that, and design walls for everyone.  It was amazing to be able to look up and see what everyone was working on.  It was helpful to have people stop by and give suggestions about what they saw in your work on the wall.  Just a few quilters had their projects "rescued" from wonky blocks by a random friend walking by and asking about it.

Quilt Retreat 4/2014

There was an on site quilt store too.  Plenty of notions if you forgot or ran out of something.

Quilt Retreat 4/2014

And a moderate selection of fabrics in case you needed a different border or new project to work on. The shop offers retreaters a 15% discount on all purchases during your stay.  I am afraid that a few of us went home with more projects than we came with.

Quilt Retreat 4/2014

We may have gone home a few pounds heavier as well. Delicious home cooked meals were served twice a day, with breakfast amply supplied by a fully stocked breakfast bar.

The best part?  I got projects done that had been sitting on my selves for years.

Retreat Finish #1, 2012 Mystery Quilt
2012 Guild Mystery Quilt

Retreat Finish #2. 2013 Mystery Quilt
2013 Guild Mystery Quilt
Retreat Finish #3. Selves he Edge Quilt.
Selvedge Quilt started in 2011 at least...but I've been saving edges for years.
2014 Mystery Quilt
2014 Guild Mystery Quilt...the last thing I worked on.
I had to stop because I needed fabric for the border.

I've got backing and binding for several of them already....and ordered what I didn't have when I got home on Sunday. get them to the quilter.


Kristi Pratt said...

Wow you were so productive. Yeah you!
Really love your selvage quilt! Awesomeness. Glad you got to run away. Run away. Hope you did't have any flesh wounds though. Lol

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I love the quilts , and am in awe of the quantity, but most of all love that such a place exists! Now I know what I want to build if I win the lottery!!!!