Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - May 2013

Once upon a time there was a little boy whose eyes were the color of the Santa Fe sky in February and whose hair was downy soft and golden. 

He was a very serious little fellow...and thought an awful lot about all sorts of things.

And his very first word was "ball".  He loved balls - big balls, small balls, soccer balls, foot balls.  Anything round was a ball - the peas on his plate and the big silver moon in the sky - all balls.

Noah worshiping at the alter of "ball"

Now that he is big his "turrets word" is "balls".  LOL

Unfortunately his body and his true love weren't always in sync....he spent a lot of time on the injured list....but sitting on the sidelines gave him a different perspective.  He discovered that there is a very special job called "athletic trainer" that takes care of the people who chase balls.

Trainers get to be in the middle of the action, without wearing a target on their jersey.

My golden haired boy is now a 20 year old student in training to become an athletic trainer.  Last fall he asked me if I would make a special quilt for his coach - to raise money for other students who want to become athletic trainers.

My entry for this seasons festival is that quilt.  It is an original design.  The appliqued image in the middle is the cattle brand for the Everett Blackburn Rockin' Rodeo.  It is quilted in Kim Diamond's Ropers pattern.

I haven't heard yet how much money was raised with this quilt....but I heard that the coach in charge said that the quilt is "Bad ass!"  I think that means he liked it.

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Patti said...

Love the story behind the quilt, Cindy! The quilt is beautiful as always!

CitricSugar said...

That would have been a tough request to turn down! Great quilt. Great cause. And sounds like a pretty great kid, too.

carol fun said...

Love the quilt and the story! The red reminds me of barbed wire and your quilting is so pretty - what a great quilt! I'm sure it was a real winner of a fund raiser. Hugs!

Janine said...

Well done to your boy! And your quilt is brilliant :)