Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Star of ......

I've recently joined a new blogger's bee.  It is called Star of Africa. 

Star of Africa

17 bloggers from around the globe are participating.  Each month we are to make a block that represents our home and send it off to the star of the month.

This month our blocks are going to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada!  This is my offering.  It is rather plane...but I think it is the perfect thing to give Patti a taste of my home.

The Texas Lone Star is a common site in clothing, architecture, and home decor.  I wasn't born here...but I have to say I'm proud to be here now.  I hand pieced the central star of this block and then added a few borders to set it off.

My turn doesn't come up until April 2013.  (I picked that month to celebrate my birthday!) This is what I am thinking.....I will receive 16 blocks....

What better setting could there be for blocks from around the world?!

In keeping with thought of sharing a bit of my home with you...check out these videos.  The town I live in is vying for "Friendliest Town" status...and I thought you would a peak into my world.

Have I done all of those things?  No
Can you really do them here?  Yup

All this, and no quilt shop!  How could that be?


susan said...

Cool! Lots of things to do round where you live. Got us beat big time.

Lynne said...

There are many towns here with no quilt shops too. I'm blessed, there are three in my town and a local yarn store which services a vast are because it is almost the only one of its kind left!