Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disney Swap

Hurrah! My little quilt has finally arrived at it's destination. That means I can share it with you.
First off, "rats!" my comment regarding my inability to share with you, was a veiled reference to the quilt itself. My partner, ShapeMoth, said that her favorite Disney character is Remi from Ratatouille. (Try walking into a local quilt shop and asking for rat fabric...LOL...I had to do some explaining.)

I love the Internet! Where else can you get ready made patterns for free?! Really, if you can find an image of something it is s snap to turn it into fusible appliqué, especially if the image is a coloring sheet. Once I had my rat fabric all I had to do was cutout the right colors to make a fusible Remi patch.

The patch was then put on a fabric frame. I thought this fabric was perfect! The center is a black and white road map of Paris France...Remi's dream location. The border is a lovely mix of fresh vegetables. This mini is quilted in a gentle swirl reminiscent of the "stink" lines coming off of Remi's cheese. I imagined that Remi's world was full of powerful scents that mingled and danced as he moved about the city.

The back is made from an orange print with pots and pans on it...Remi's ultimate dream...a real kitchen to work in.

The package contained bits of left over fabrics, and a nice chocolatey one that seemed like a better option than sending an edible bar through the mail in June; some metal buttons that had been gifted to me in a previous swap, they screamed ShapeMoth to me when I saw them in the button box; a little ruler and sticky pad with graph paper lines on it; and a snap bag made from some of the scraps from the quilt. All of this has arrived safe and sound. Another swap completed.
Stay month's swap theme is Repeated Rainbows...repeated shapes and a rainbow of colors.

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Kirie said...

My cute little Remi :) Best received swap ever!