Monday, July 25, 2016

Things change

I know, it sounds trite when someone looks at their kids and says, "Don't blink, they grow faster than you think. Next thing you know they will be grown". The older I get the truer the words seem.

Things change. Whether we notice it or not, things change. Summer gives way to Fall. Fall bows out to Winter. Winter melts away to Spring. Spring slowly out blooms itself and we are back where we started...but not quite. 365 days makes a difference.

Today my 23rd pattern publishes on Moda Bake Shop. It has been fun. I love getting to play with their latest lines. More than that, I love writing patterns. It is always, always time spent in my happy place. The only thing better than writing the patterns is getting mail from people who have used them.

So, my latest work is entitled Migration. I named it that because of the butterflies and feathers in the fabric line...and because the pattern of half square triangles make a funny path...a migratory path.
Just like the seasons, the pattern in this piecing appears to finish where it started, but not quite, and that is okay. It is normal, natural, a reflection of how God created our world. Things change. It isn't a bad thing, although it might be a bit sad. It is equally exciting. You never know what might lay just out of sight, around the corner, over the next hill.

I hope you enjoy my pattern.


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

23rd pattern? TWENTY THIRD????? My gosh - that's tab

linda neal said...

Hello - I really, really love this quilt. I am in the process of gathering my fabrics to make it and I have one question on the list of fabrics. You have 1-1/4 yards for spikey accents. Can you tell me what fabrics these are? Or are they a combination of using the fat quarter bundle? I couldn't tell from the picture, I wish it had a better picture so I could zoom in.

Thank you for a great design. I appreciate your help.