Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Quick Fix....

It was bound to happen.  It always does sooner or later.

My big beautiful computer is getting hinky.  It likes to take power naps while I am in the middle of working on projects and posts.

My dh checked it out for me....he couldn't find anything wrong.  Isn't that just how these things in the expert and the problem vanishes.

In as much as I need to use my computer we decided to buy a new one.  Enter the snazzy lap top.

Today I am surrounded by discs and cords and manuals trying to figure out how to transfer the programs I use from one machine to the other.  This can not be accomplished with a rotary cutter, needle and thread. Those I could handle.  Add to that the fact that we are having another "episode" of winter in North Texas - the sky is flat and grey, the air is cold and wet, there is a thin layer of ice coating just about every surface, AND they are telling me that they expect it to spit some more frozen stuff out of the sky.  I call it that, frozen stuff, because that is what it is.  It is not snow, not sleet, nor hail.  It is if the clouds were drooling and need a bib.  That slobbery wetness freezes as it finds it's way to the ground.  It is about as attractive as it sounds.

So, I took a bit of my own advise.....circa a three year old blog post...and have Googled "sunshine" and looked for images.

The desired effect was almost immediate.

Now...that is better!

I hope you enjoyed that quick fix as much as I did.

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Canadian Abroad said...

I make himself do anything computer related. Then he can't roll his eyes when I mess up. He is my in house IT department.