Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FLiQS - Round 2

I love Flickr and the quilt community that lives on it.  Over the years it has gifted me with friends, swaps, and the opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Today I worked on a quilt for my partner in the Fab Little Quilt Swap (FLiQS).  The partners were assigned some time ago.  I was tickled when I found out who mine is....not tellin'....but it has taken me quite a while to get the quilt off of the back burner in my mind and onto the  cutting table.

I started with an empty laundry basket and tossed in some neutrals and a few blue scraps.

I randomly pieced for a while and then decided that I needed some greens  and a tiny bit of brown.

More green....
And a little more brown....
Tomorrow I am going to quilt it and build some 3D applique pieces.
Can you tell what it is?
I can tell you what it isn't.....that would be my sweet place to design....I like  love geometry and math.  It makes things so easy.  This is all free form, as if you hadn't notices, and just a bit out side of my comfort zone.  That said, it has been fun to hack and whack and piece this from my scrap bins.
Stay tuned for part two..."What the heck is it!"


Lynne said...

Will there be a bird involved?

Susan Standen said...

It is branches, leaves and the sky. And I am looking forward to seeing your appliqué additions.