Thursday, December 1, 2011

STUDly Mail!

Tis the season for stacks and stacks of mail order catalogues.  It is like baseball or football season.  It has a definite beginning and a definite end.  It commands your attention weather you want to give it or not.  And, it can be a very expensive couple of months.  The only difference.....the catalogue people never go on strike and delay the start of the season.

Yesterday, my plethora of catalogues was spiced with a parcel from Scotland!  Want to see what was inside?
I was so excited that I took pictures without letting the dear little quilt freshen up.  It was beautifully sunny.  The colors in this photo are fairly accurate.  Stunning.

Michelle, a.k.a. LochsideQuilter, included a passel of goodies too.  A charm pack of sari fabric....Sari's are made of  the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen.  This little bundle is a treat.  A card of embroidery thread in Christmas colors dyed in Africa.  A window cling with an intricate Celtic design on it.  And a nice note with a picture of the town she lives in.   I want to live there!

Thank you Michelle for being such an awesome, and internationally minded partner.  It is wonderful to receive a package that has a little bit of the world stuffed into it.

I also sent a package yesterday.
Isn't it cute?  This little quilt was made with a tiny charm pack of 2 1/2" squares.  It's finished size is something like 8x10.  The label is on the back of the Merry Christmas tag; the bow is wired so it can be reshaped; and those bells are very loud.  The postman is going to be thinking that reindeer are following him when he has that package in his sack.

I can't tell you who it was sent is supposed to be a surprise.  It was entered in the Christmas Swap for Little Quilts - Sew, Vote, Swap on Flickr, and should arrive at it's destination in a day or two.

My son delivered the second of the two birthday quilts last night.  It was well received.  

Isn't this a great place to photograph a quilt?  Until I saw this photo, taken by Benjamin's mom, I hadn't seen the whole quilt.  I love the rippled effect the arrangement of colors puddle rings.  John, my son, told me that Benjamin's folks liked the quilt a great deal and thought it should be hung on a wall.  Then they found the flannel on the back and decided to heck with the wall.  My thoughts exactly.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Super fun package. I love all the little goodies you got from all over the world! You had a fun partner!

Lynne said...

It is indeed a lovely quilt and what a great way to photograph it!

Annie said...
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Annie said...

I messed that other post up! Geezelouise!

Ah, what a lucky recipient you are. Pretty little quilties that is and a fun looking charm pack too.

Ah, so you are the one made that little 'package'-looking quiltie that I love so! Clever, clever idea!

And wow on the birthday quilt! Great guy quilt!