Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Morning Rituals

I'm sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying the quiet of the morning. There is a dove outside the window singing to me. I love that sound, reminds me of backyard camp outs. I can hear the mantel clock ticking and the quite rush of traffic out on the main road, and the cat munching on kibble.

Soon the boys will begin to stir. Actually John is already up and off to strength and conditioning camp, a.k.a. summer training for football. I'm glad they do it early. I don't want think of the effect the sun would have.
So, I'm sitting in the quiet, enjoying my cup of tea, reading all of my favorite blogs and thinking that maybe I should drop the ones that never seem to post anything if space in my pulse account is at a premium. Then it hit me....someone could do that to me. I had to drop what I was doing and ask you to please not do that. I love the thought that there are like minded people in the world who occasionally stop by to visit. I promise, I wont drop anyone on my end.

Now that I think of it, I am reminded of the old guys who gather each morning at the local diner. They would never drop a friend just because he didn't show up one morning. More likely they would stop by and see if everything is alright. For the record, I am fine, fine and distracted by summer.
P.S. These are not my photos....I've borrowed them from Flickr....I have no idea what paper that man is reading, or what language it is in, nor do I have that lovely wooded view out my window. Sigh.

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