Thursday, May 5, 2011

Laziness and Love at First Sight

How perverse am I?

I've been waiting for a package from my STUD partner in Alaska. I know she sent it earlier this week.

I've been waiting for a new book to come. My favorite author has a new one coming out this month.

I saw the mail man come to my door, saw her walk right up to it with a parcel in her hands, and I didn't budge. I just left it there sitting on my stoop while I edited an article. Poor little package alone on the door step.

Maybe I was enjoying the anticipation, or maybe I was too engrossed in what I was doing. Most likely I was just too lazy to get up off my bum and go to the door. Silly me.

Look what I found inside! Something wonderful, all safely sealed in plastic wrap, came all the way to my door from North Pole, Alaska...and it isn't even Christmas.

Design sketches and post cards. Someday I will have to visit the frozen north. I think I would love it. Unfortunately, my husband has water running through his veins. He hates the cold...that would be anything below 70 degrees. The sketches are amazing. Check out my attempt at the same subject.

And, the part you've all been waiting for...just look at this little quilt! It is amazing, and so much like my kitty. (oomph, he is pacing around my work table right now, trying to find a place to sit in my arms.)

I'm back now. Can you tell that the ribbon, feather, and bell are all 3D? Playing chase is one of my dear little friend's favorite things, but I have to tell you he is never this composed and handsome about it. My kitty is a klutz! That is why his name is Took. He is a "fool of a took" just like J.R.R.Tolken's character from "Lord of the Rings". Think, Gilligan's Island meets James Bond and you will have a good idea of his temperament. He won me over in the first few seconds of our acquaintance.

This quilt touched my heart just as quickly. THANK YOU CRAZYPOODLEGIRL!

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