Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015 in my Rearview

It has been a busy summer....thus the infrequency of my posting....which wasn't that frequent to begin with...but has ceased all together this summer.

I thought I would take a moment (read stall to avoid that really big quilt I need to do today.) and try and catch up.  Starting with the most recent happenings...

August was a very busy month for me.

I quilted 21 quilts for customers (that does not include the previously mentioned object of my avoidance).

August 2015 at Tops to Treasures

Got my oldest son moved into his very first apartment.

My boy's home for the next year. #asu @g00s33gg

Went to a quilt show...more on that to follow.

Saw all three of my boys safely back to school.

And he's off. #gowithGod

I now have a Sr in high school (red shirt who is standing on his toes to be taller than his brothers), a sophomore in college (the boy in the middle) and a super senior (5th year) in college (sleepy boy on the right). I am honestly just a little bit frightened of what my days will be like next year when they are all away and it is just me in the house all day.

Sigh, I no longer have three little boys....they have become men.

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