Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014 in my rear-view...

What a wild ride this month has been.

We had a graduation - my second son, John, graduated from high school.  He is on the left in the photo.  The boy on the right is my nephew...who also graduated this month.

Camera Roll-82

We had camp - my youngest went to camp for a week in Colorado while the rest of us stayed home and entertained my inlaws...and helped my oldest get over Mono.

Camera Roll-75

My two oldest then helped out at our church's vacation bible school.

Camera Roll-121

This was the first time that John helped...after years of his oldest brother telling him that it was fun...John placed in a crew of all girls.  LOL   As you can see they warmed up to each other by the end of the week.

Camera Roll-139

The next week Noah went to camp with the pre-teen ministry.  He had a crew of 5th and 6th grade boys to coral.  Don't tell them, but his threat of making a 5th & 6th grade head shish-ka-bob on that stake was just a trick to get them to behave.  He would never have done it.

In and out, and in and out, we could have installed a revolving door.  All the while I was busy quilting.

Tops to Treasures quilted 15 quilts this month.

June 2014

One of those is my own...and it will be featured on Moda Bake Shop sometime in the next two months. I'll let you know when.

I also received a sweet thank you from our friend Chad.  
"Dovahkiin" for Chad!

Remember this quilt?  My husband and I made it for him.  He was so thrilled that he turned around and painted me a priceless heirloom.  A Benjamin Satchell original!!  (Chad is his middle name)

Thank you Chad!! #minionkitty

I laughed until there were tears in my eyes.  My Minion-kitty now hangs proudly with the mini collection in my studio.

I hope July is just as sweet....but a little more restful.


carol fun said...

WOW - you did have a busy month! LOVE all the quilts and congratulations on your son's graduation - -they grow up too fast!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Lovely to get an update on the boys :-)