Monday, December 16, 2013

S'more Rows.4 Fussy Cutting

Fussy Cutting
(rows 2,4,6 & 8)
My most favorite piece of fabric from S'more Love is the multi stripe.  It is the only piece on which you can find Mr. Campy and his chocolate bar friend.  They are what ultimately tipped the scale for me.
This multi stripe is printed along the long edge of the fabric.  That means you can get continuous lengths of a particular portion of the stripe if you are very careful when you cut it.
For this quilt I chose to highlight my favorite parts - twice.  However, there is plenty of cuteness to go around.  Pick the portion of the stripe that you like the best.
 Fabric Requirements:
  • Multi stripe - 1 3/4 yards - I used #37070-11
Cutting Directions:
  • You need 4 pieces each measuring 4" x 60 1/2"
  • Figure out where you want to cut it to get the width you need
  • I chose between the two pink lines for two of my stripes, and between the two blue lines for the other.
  • You will need to cut into the edge of a bordering segment of stripe - that is okay.  It will be in your seam allowance.
  • Lay your ruler along the edge of the printed stripe you select and cut along the length of the fabric.  (It is weird, I know, but you can do it.  Take your time.)
  • NOTE - not all fabric is printed squarely with the weave.  If your piece is not square, don't worry about it...just cut it that way and remember that there may be some stretch to this section of the quilt.
Sewing Directions: 
  • No that is not a trick instruction.  It is December.
  • If you are like me you have gifts in the making.
  • Go work on them and have a very blessed holiday with your family!!
Merry Christmas from Tops to Treasures!!