Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Keep the ball rolling....

Some days I spend so much time keeping the ball rolling ...
"Keep the Ball Rolling"
 ...that I don't stop to enjoy the ride.

Days pass, boys get to school, laundry gets washed, quilts get quilted for customers....lots of days, lots of school, lots of laundry, lots of quilts...and it all becomes a blur.  Little by little I forget to show up.
 Work is not the opposite of play!
I find myself contemplating "my work".  What the heck does that mean...."work" ... it used to be clear.  I used to be employed by a large company, that requested my input to create a product for it's employees.  I measured my days by pay checks, promotions, staff meetings.  That was work.  It paid well, but I dreamed of a day when I could spend my days with my kids, or my hobbies...playing.
After 11 years that dream came true and I gleefully left gainful employment and headed home to take care of my family.  Truthfully, I had over played the idea of free time.  Taking care of a home, and toddlers takes a lot of time and energy, just as much time and energy as working for my employer had.  But spending days with my boys was delightful.  Nothing like a big, wet, sloppy, hug from a jelly covered toddler.  "My work" became playing with my boys.  Those were good days.
So long for now
That was a lot of laundry ago.  Fast forward, literally, 17 years and my messy toddlers are now messy young men.  I am still at home.  Work has changed....again.
Now my days revolve around quilts - quilting tops for customers; writing quilt patterns and making quilts for Moda's Bake Shop; teaching about quilts and my patterns - and laundry. 
I have discovered that I really love writing patterns - I could spend all day at my computer figuring out how to put something together, and drawing pictures to illustrate it.  This part of my day is definitely play.

Mr potato writes a letter
Teaching is pretty fun too.  I like sharing the things I love with other people.

Teaching love for Autumn
but Sewing....well lets just say that sewing and I have never been bosom friends.  I do it, because it is part of the "job".... realistically, if I consider which side of my bread is buttered on, sewing is the job.  It is the only part that actually brings me a pay check.

Thus, I am sitting at my computer, on a rainy day in October, contemplating what work is.  What is "my work" and why do I do it?
Duct Taped Dictionary
My dictionary was no help....maybe you have some ideas?  Please share!!
I'm off to do another load of laundry.


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

My dad says "work is a four lettered word "! Lol. I feel the same about machine embroidery, I love the design side of it, but when a box of tshirts or sweatshirts turns up my heart sinks, days of doing nothing fun until these are finished!!

Lynne said...

I was listening to Joyce Meyer earlier this evening. She was explaining that she works hard at what she does but, because it is what she was called to do, it is not hard work. I hope this is relevant to your question!