Monday, September 16, 2013

S'more Rows.1 Fabric Requirements

This is the first post in my S'more Rows quilt project.
Row Boat
I am glad you have decided to row along!~
Save the dates!
S'more Rows is an 11 month project.   On the 16th of each month from September 2013, until July 2014 I will post one step in the directions for my S'more Rows quilt.
The rows are NOT made in order of their appearance on the quilt.  Rather, they are arranged in order of ease of construction, with the easiest bits being scheduled over the Christmas holidays.

The picture above shows my original drawing  - labeled so that you will know roughly what to expect when.  As I made the quilt it changed just a bit....I think it got cuter!

This month I'm sharing the fabric requirements with you.

S'more Rows was inspired by the S'more Love fabric line created by Eric and Julie Comstock for Moda fabrics.  This line shipped to stores in August 2013.  My drawing is based on the fabrics in that line.  This does NOT mean that your quilt needs to be.

This is primarily a scrappy quilt.  You can make many of the blocks from scraps.  That said, there are a few places where the S'more Love line is obviously the focus of my quilt.

You need the following cuts from S'more Love to duplicate this focus.


Description of fabric

Yardage needed

Where I Used it
Aqua star bursts
1 1/4 yard
background for rows 3 + 7
blue diamonds in row 5
green blocks
1 yard
background for row 10
orange star bursts
1 yard
binding, and row 9
multi stripe
2 yards
fussy cut for rows 2, 4, 6, and 8
car stripe on cream
1 1/4 yards
outer border

If I could only pick one of these cuts of fabric, I would pick the multi stripe.  It is my favorite from the line.  The quirky drawings of Mr. Campy and his pal Mr. Chocolate add immeasurably to the charm of this quilt.

The remainder of the fabric used came from the following cuts
Description of Fabric
Yardage needed
S’more Love Fat Quarter Bundle
1 fat quarter bundle
Bella Evergreen (dark green)
3/4 yard (inner border and setting squares)
Bella Neutral (cream)
2 yards (neutral background)
Bella Peacock
1/4 yard
Bella Mustard (gold)
1/4 yard
Bella Chocolate (brown)
1/3 yard

(The backing for this quilt requires 5 yards of standard width fabric.)

I promised a give away a comment, tell me about something that makes you happy, and I will pick a winner to be announced next month...on Dad's birthday!!  The winner will receive this yummy jelly roll from The Fat Quarter Shop.



Janine said...

Love your drawing! I'm looking forward to seeing what these quilts look like in everyone's fabric when they're made up :)

Mi Ha-Pea said...

Wow. This looks fantastic and the fabric is delectable! I want in!!!!! Having 2 boys I think they would love the fabric. Thanks for the chance to make this!

Brenda said...

I like this quilt a lot. Fall makes me happy. I love the colors and smells of fall.

Kasey F said...

I am excited to get started! My two little boys make my life sweet!

Patti said...

This looks like it will be so much fun to put together, Cindy! Great pattern!

PK Sews said...

I love your S'more Quilt! The finished top that you posted earlier is awesome and I can't wait to see it quilted. Something that makes me happy: definitely my three-year-old-granddaughter. If I won the jelly roll I would definitely make her a quilt with that delightful fabric. Thanks for sharing! I hope your son is doing well. My prayers are with him.

Ceidys Butterworth said...

Love the quilt and can't wait to get started. What makes me happy is seeing my grown boys. I've been an empty nester for 10+ years and I still miss having them around and doing the mom things for them. Also, going on my walks with my Shih Tsu.

Kristen said...

My youngest child makes me so happy. A lot of "I missed you so much" when she reunites with me at the end of the day.

KK said...
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KK said...

Hi Cindy, you have made an awesome quilt. I will be joining you each month and I'm looking forward to it. Quilting and creating make me happy! Thanks Kristi Pratt

Jackie D said...

I love the range of fabric you have used. Spending time in my sewing room makes me happy as does buying beautiful fabrics.

Nancy said...

Watching a sleeping cat make me happy, granddaughters Juliet and Sarah make me happy, and sitting next to my husband make me happy

Renea said...

Thanks for the great giveaway. October 16 is also my birthday! I love to spend time in my sewing room and with my quilting friends.

Donna Phelps said...

I enjoy quilting for others and sharing.It brings me joy to see someone really appreciate the love and time that goes into creating my bundles of love.Can you guess, I am very anamored by quilting.

Julie Cefalu said...

Teaching others how to quilt makes me happy! It's so rewarding to see the sense of accomplishment and joy when a student finishes a quilt. Thanks for the chance to win and I'm looking forward to the S'more Rows project.
Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

Diane W. said...

What a sweet quilt! Can't wait for this to start.

diane said...

Waking up to a new day makes me happy.
Love the quilt pattern.

Judy J said...

I love it! That is just too cute. I would love to make this quilt. Great pattern!

Cindy Sharp said...

With 17 comments, the pool for my drawing is now closed. I'm off to visit with Mr. Random Number Generator.