Thursday, June 7, 2012

Schools Out

The boys are all home....

Noah - the oldest and a Sophomore in College

John - my curly headed middle child and a Junior in high school

Ben - my "baby" and a Freshman in high school

This is how they "play together".  Each in a different room, all playing the same game and shouting through the house - cheering and jeering each other on.

The dogs are all pictures...don't want to wake them.  My dogs bark at rain drops.

The rain is coming down, down, down making the world outside my climate controlled home green and steamy.  It almost looks like some place where it rains....often.  I think God has lifted the ban on watering.

I've been working on some projects for Moda Bake Shop.  In fact, there should be a very silly one on Monday next (June 11). 

I hope all of you are enjoying days that are just as peaceful.


Carla said...

Moda bake Shop? Good for you : ) I will have to check on Monday.

susan said...

Love they played together in different rooms. I need to get my two to try that. Might cut down the sibling arguing.

Lynne said...

How funny - playing together in different rooms! Having had only one child I've never heard of that before! Enjoy having them all at home.