Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where it all happens

I am fortunate to live in a castle.

We built it 13 years ago when we were expecting the birth of our third, and last son.

On the second floor there are four small bedrooms, one on each corner. They were all joined by a very large game room in the middle. As the boys grew the game room saw all sorts of activities. One of my favorites was to build a giant train track for Thomas and friends; although marshmallow wars was pretty sweet. At some point the space got too big for the boys. They didn't really use the space, the trash and dirty socks creeped into it. That is when I invaded.

Now my long arm lives in it, along with all of my crafty projects. There are about twelve feet of book shelves lined with labeled boxes and books.

My big board sits in front of a picture window that lets me look out on the neighborhood....or the dog. She likes to sit under the ironing board with her chin on the windowsill. It isn't often a problem, but occasionally she gets tangled up on the power cord. A few irons have been killed this way. (That's not is Sue. Once in a while I have people over to play with my toy. It is always nice to have company for the day.)

In the corner I have a repurposed TV cabinet - it holds my home office now - and an assortment of rulers. They are hung from old sewing machine needles. The needles work great as impromptu nails.

At the front of the room is my work table. It is an Ikea table that we have adhered a large cutting mat to. It is great to be able to plunk down anywhere and cut pieces for a quilt. I still haven't conquered the demon lap top and coffee cup. The heat warps the mat. In a sane household you would just prohibit the use of these heat producing items on the table....that is probably the same home where you take your shoes off at the door and line them up in neat rows. Lol. Here shoes come off...under tables and couches and chairs. Socks come off too. I think we have an infestation.

Back to the front of the room...another view out on the neighbors. There's my dawg, keeping me safe at the top of the stairs.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my workroom. (I don't call it a studio 'cuz all sorts of things still happen here. The big tables are irresistible.)

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Lynne said...

Wow! How fantastic! You truly are a princess in a castle!

I just wish you could come and visit me here in Australia for a few days and help me sort out my quilting frame and machine! ;-(

The Tulip Patch said...

Oh my gosh I'd love a space like that for our train tracks. THey take up every available inch of floor. There was a house with a turret like that we used to drive by when I was a little girl and I always looked so hard knowing rapunzel was up there.

Sana Saroti said...

Thank you so much for the grand tour! That is such a great work place! Maybe (at some point in the unknown future) I can come and visit ;-)
Just checked and Austin-Frisco is only 204 miles ;-)

Sana Saroti said...

Believe it or not Word verification just asked me to type "Reigne" which just fits perfectly for someone who lives in a castle!